Why Custom Signs Will Help Your Business 1

This day and age, business owners can interact and reach customers in a variety of ways. However, despite the onset of new technology, research shows that traditional, custom business signs still have a beneficial impact on consumers.

Setting a business apart from its competition isn’t easy. Customers have more options than ever before when it comes to selecting goods and services, and this is where custom signs can help. The Signage Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates for the importance of signage use, continues to release evidence that a custom sign is a powerful, visual communication tool.

In fact, according to the University of Cincinnati College, businesses that regularly update their individual signage will reap certain benefits. They revealed that 60% of the stores they researched experienced a 10% increase in sales after upgrading their custom signage.

Making these signs as unique, creative and professional as possible is what will make a passerby stop and take notice. That’s why choosing the right company to help with this need is imperative. In addition to restroom and parking signs etc., the company should be able to provide custom signs for any unique business need or situation. High-quality materials, being able to build the sign from the ground up while ensuring the sign stays within brand guidelines and abides by safety codes should be expected from the chosen sign company. Many companies, including FRP signs, allow a customer to create the sign from scratch.

Adding custom business signs inside or outside your business adds a professional undertone that consumers will appreciate, while at the same time highlighting your brand image in a positive way. If you need a custom sign, look no further than frpsigns.com.

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  1. Your mention of how a majority of stores saw a sales increase after getting custom signage was really cool. I’ve read that a lot of customers will actually base their decision to visit a business off of how attractive they think their signs are. To me, this make getting a good business sign a necessity.

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