Material Safety Information


Section VII-Health Hazard Information

Threshold Limit Value

Fabricating, cutting, drilling, etc., of Fiber-Brite Traffic Control Panels may produce dust. Dust should be controlled. Particulate level not to exceed 30Mppcf.

Medical conditions generally aggravated by exposure.

Any condition generally aggravated by mechanical irritants in air or on skin.

Emergency First Aid Procedures

  1. Prolonged skin contact: To reduce itching, wash with warm water and soap.

  2. Eye contact: Flush with running water for at least 15 minutes.

  3. Inhalation: None Required

  4. Ingestion: None Required

Section VIII-Special Protection Information

Respiratory Protection

When machining, cutting, drilling, etc., cover nose and mouth with mask – NIOSH/MSHA approve as 3M8710.

Protective Gloves

Use when fabricating, etc.

Eye Protection

Use goggles when fabricating, cutting, tooling, etc.

Section IX-Special Precautions

Precautions to be taken in handling and sorting

Store away from open flame. Wash skin with soap and water after handling.

Other Precautions

Eating or drinking should not be done in fabricating areas.

Section X-Contact Information

Contact Phone Number

1-800-883-8363 M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST

Contact Address

American Fiber Technologies 500 Bostwick Avenue

Bridgeport CT 06605

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, since data, safety standards, and government regulations are subject to change and the conditions of use, or misuse, are beyond our control, American Fiber Technologies makes no warranty, either expressed or implied or implied, with respect to the completeness or continuing accuracy of the information contained herein and disclaims all liability for reliance thereon. User should be satisfied that he has all current data relevant to his particular use.


Section 1 – Identification

Trade Names and Synonyms

Fiber-Brite (ST-P-R-FX-S-L)

Chemical Names and Synonyms

Reinforced Plastic Panels (frp)

Chemical Family

Polymerized Polyesters

DOT Hazard Classification

Not Applicable

Section II – Hazardous Ingredients

Fiber-Brite Traffic Control Panels are solid sheets composed of glass, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, alu- mina and pigment embedded in a cured polymerized Not Listed in NTP, IARC, or OSHA.

Section III – Physical Data

Boiling Point


Specific Gravity (H2O–1)


Vapor Pressure


% Volatile by Volume


Vapor Density (Air – 1)


Solubility in Water


Appearance and Odor: Rigid Sheet; No Odor

Section IV-Fire And Explosion Hazard Data

Flash Point

Ignition Temperature Higher than Paper, 451®F

Extinguishing Media:

Water, Co2, Dry Chemical

Special Fire Fighting Procedures and Precautions:

Use media best suited for fire environment. Use self-contained breathing apparatus for large scale fire.

Usual Fire and Explosion Hazards:

Combustion may yield CO; Co2; aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and halogenated compounds. Tests show combustion gases to be less toxic than those from wood.

Section V-Reactivity Data



Incompatibility (avoid contact with)

Alkali, strong mineral acids, hydrofluoric acids

Hazardous Decomposition Products

Combustion may yield CO; Co2; aliphatic and aromatic com- pounds, halogenated compounds less toxic than wood.

Hazardous Polymerization

Will not occur.

Section VI-Spill Or Leak Procedure

Steps to be taken in case material is released or spilled

Not Applicable

Waste Disposal Methods

Dispose of as solid waste as directed by appropriate local, state, and federal authorities or can be cut to similar sizes, recycled and used again.


Fiber-Brite® Material Safety Information

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