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Frequently Asked questions

  • Why is Fiber Brite F.R.P. a replacement for aluminum panels?

    Fiber Brite F.R.P. sign panels, were developed as a replacement for aluminum by Owen’s Corning, the Department of Transportation and the Society of Plastic Institute. F.R.P. is the only plastic to meet the government plastic traffic control sign specifications. Because it outlasts aluminum signs and it helps deter sign thieves looking for scrap metal, Fiber Brite Sign Panels have been used by hundreds of municipalities here in America and abroad.

  • What F.R.P. stands for and where it can be used?

    F.R.P. stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. Fiber Brite F.R.P. is made with a polyester thermosetting resin that hardens and becomes irreversibly set when cured. This procedure allows the material to resist fading, denting, creasing, shattering, warping, rusting and delaminating. Fiber Brite is UV stabilized and not affected by extreme heat or severe cold. lt can be utilized in extreme weather conditions: from desert highways in Arizona to Colorado ski resorts.

  • What is your minimum order?

    Orders under $25.00 will incur a service fee of $5.00

  • How do I get a quote?

    Please call our Toll-free Number 1.800.883.8363 or email for your customized quote.

  • How many stock thicknesses and colors do you offer?

    We offer 3 stock thicknesses: Fiber Brite .050 ValuePlus, Fiber Brite .090 Original, Fiber Brite .140 Survivor.

    Our Colored material was developed to supply the demand to municipalities for a colored background without the added cost of the sheeting. Stock Colors are: White , Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown and Green.

  • Do you offer Custom Shapes?

    Yes our material is perfect for routing and we offer in-house routing services. If you have that specific shape you have in mind send us an email with an image or file attached of what you have in mind and we will make it happened in any of our stock thicknesses.


  • How do I mount my sign?

    We recommend nylon washers for the bolt attachment.

    Any sign over 24”x24” in size that will be mounted on a pole or post we recommend the .140 thickness.

    Please give us a call for further recommendations.

  • What is the shipping information?

    • F.O.B. Origin: All items are F.O.B. Origin unless noted in AFT literature or quoted in writing.
    • Method: AFT will ship UPS Ground whenever possible. We can ship UPS Red or Blue upon customer request and expense. Heavy and oversize shipments will be sent by motor freight. We will attempt to notify the customer of oversize items through Customer Service.
    • Receiving/Inspection: Upon delivery, check merchandise for quantity and carrier damage. Notify AFT immediately of any problems. Any damages or shortages must be noted on carrier delivery receipt. Pictures must be taken and AFT’s shipment inspection should be filled out. Contact your sales representative for the shipment inspection form. If there is damage found after delivery contact the carrier and request an inspection report. Claims for damaged goods must be filed with the carrier. AFT is not responsible for such claims. Claims for lost items will be resolved by scale tickets printed at the AFT dock site. If the printed tickets show that the proper weight of items left the AFT docks, then a claim must be filed with the carrier. If the tickets show that the proper weight of items did not leave the AFT docks then the claim will be filed with AFT.
  • What is policy in returning goods?

    Restocking Fee: 15% on all stock items. Non-stock items are not returnable.
    – Return Order Number: All returns must have a Return Order Number to be accepted at the receiving dock. Please call for this number before returning goods to AFT. On any orders returned due to an AFT error, we will mail you a call tag or arrange for a pickup at our expense. On any orders returned due to a customer error, the customer will be responsible for the freight and arranging a pickup. Return order numbers will expire 30 days after issuance, so do not delay in returning products to AFT. After the 30th day no credits will be issued on return order numbers. All materials must be returned to AFT in the same manner you received it. (Properly slip sheeted and packed)
    – Credits: Credits will be issued after we have received, verified quantity, and inspected the material for damage.

  • How can I submit non-stock orders?

    For non-stock item orders please call 1-800-883-8363 or fax us at 203-336-0322.

  • What is the normal Leadtimes/Expedite Fees?

    Estimated Shipping: All sign blanks will ship in 48 hours. All other signage will ship in 10-14 business days. For larger orders additional production time may be required.