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Keeping people safe in your workplace is not as easy as it may sound. Even with the presence of signs that warn people of the hazards they may encounter, accidents can and still do happen. What can you do to prevent these things from occurring and to increase the level of safety in your facility? You will need to use other workplace safety tools and equipment to do this.

What are these other workplace safety tools that help prevent accidents from happening and to keep people safe? These are those markers and barricades that help keep people from venturing into hazardous areas that they are not supposed to go into. Here are some of the more commonly used ones:

Barricades – as the name implies, these barricade areas to keep people out. These can come in many different shapes and sizes, with some being able to stand alone due to their design, while others need to be assembled using barricade boards and frame legs. These all have the highly visible stripes on them, in either orange or yellow, to make these easy to see and recognize. These barricades help to keep people away from spills, holes, danger zones, and damaged areas of the workplace. These also keep people out of areas where they are not allowed to go.

Barrier Tapes – these are often used to close off any area temporarily, particularly when an accident happens or when a hazard is present. This kind of a tape is used with delineators, and is used to mark off areas that are dangerous to individuals. The word caution is usually on these barrier tapes to show people that there is indeed a hazard within the marked area. These tapes can also come in yellow and black stripes to help show people even from afar that caution should be exercised when near such cordoned areas.

Traffic Cones – some facilities have both vehicles and people on foot moving around in it. This can be very dangerous if there are not set boundaries for where each can move safely. The use of traffic cones to show people on foot as well as those in their work vehicles where they can safely travel will help keep accidents from occurring. These cones can mark areas where pedestrians can safely walk, and alert vehicles even from afar that there are pedestrians ahead in the facility where these cones can be found.

Using these tools along with your safety signs will ensure that your workplace is indeed a safe place to be in. Informing people of the uses of these other tools in correlation with your safety signs will also help increase the level of safety in your facility. You can also use different colored marking tapes on your floors to indicate specific areas for foot traffic and vehicular traffic, and where danger zones can be located. Making safety a priority in your workplace is essential not only for the health and wellbeing of your workers and yourself, but also for the continued success of your business.


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